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  • Christi-Anne Holder

Sports Massage and Sports Injury Recovery

As part of an athlete’s care team, massage therapist can play.

a unique & important role on the road to recovery.

Personal exercise - with or without exercise equipment - held the top spot for sports and recreation-related injuries resulting in an emergency room visit as of 2019, according to The National Safety Council (NSC).

Professional and elite athletes typically have a team that will manage their recovery from surgery or injury. Even college and high school athletes usually have access to a health care team. But for amateur athletes, the experts involved in post-injury rehab or post-surgery recovery often work independently.

It is not unusual to discover that it is a physical therapist who prescribes massage therapy - not the physician who treated the injury or underlying issue. When that happens, my direct connection to the medical diagnosis is thru the PT, and my role is to help maintain what the physical therapist is already working on, like strengthening the athlete’s muscles around a joint, increasing range of motion, decreasing scar tissue, and increasing blood flow. By using techniques such as: Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point Massage

I believe there can and should be a harmonious connection between all health care professionals helping an athlete recover. We all have valuable information and insights to share as a result of our specialized training.

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