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Dr. William Holder

Appointments Now Available



The Center for Preventive Medicine under the direction of  William B Holder MD will be partnering with Healing Solutions Medical & Sports Massage as Medical Director to make a new and great group called CPM-Healing Solutions. 


The Center is founded on the premise that the most effective approach to health care integrates the best of Traditional Modern Medicine, Natural Alternative Medicine, Patient Education, to reduce the use of medication where possible.

The Center for Preventive Medicine offers a full range of healing methods aimed at restoring natural balance and wholeness as well as health education classes and workshops.

The Center services a variety of Family Medical areas for youth, adolescents

adults having health, eating, sports training concerns including:




Nutrition & Weight Loss

Vitamin Therapy

Longevity & Wellness Program

Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Headache, Arthritis Pain Management


Menopause & PMS

Food/Pollen Allergy



Schedule today if you feel blending science with natural elements of historically proven complementary medical methods may help your concerns.

Contact for Appointments:



Phone: 919-439-9725

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