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Amee E.
Christi-Anne is an experienced professional with devotion to her patients and humor. Her knowledge of anatomy and what you need to heal is extensive and she shares it readily so you can maintain the results her massages provide over time. So glad I found her as my shoulder pain is gone and stays gone between sessions!

Steve W.

Massage is about more than feeling good. Christi can help restore you to better overall health and quality of life. She specifically tailors the work to give you optimum benefit. I appreciate all that this company does.

Peggy C.

Christi is not only gifted, but a true healer. She has helped me with recuperation of shoulder surgery, a wrist issue that allowed me to avoid surgery and achieve 99% full recovery, and most importantly, drain my sinuses, and help me avoid numerous sinus infections. She is knowledgeable and I have consulted her for a different perspective on many health issues. I am very fortunate to have found her. As always, today was an invaluable experience!

Wendy B.

I came to the practice as a referral for long standing sports injuries. After speaking with Christi-Anne I received treatment and she uncovered a muscle pull that I didn’t even know was causing trouble. One morning later I woke from the best sleep I have had in years. My exercise regimen continued today, and I had the best run time I’ve seen in months. I am so appreciating of her hard work and medical knowledge. I will make this a part of my routine from now on. I cannot thank her enough and recommend her highly.

Micheal C.

Extremely knowledgeable and outstanding service!

Robb G.

Christi-Anne is a magician with her hands. Truly unique experience that is infinitely beyond what most people receive from less knowledgeable and practiced massage therapists. After just one visit, I was already feeling significant improvement in my injured areas - most of which was sustained (unlike "regular" massage places where, after a couple hours, you feel the same way you did when you first got there.) I highly recommend Christi-Anne Holder!

Kia A.

Hands down, she’s the best! She takes care of me and all my crazy runner friends. So knowledgeable, caring and professional!

Gwendolyn D

My first visit was amazing! Christi took the time to listen to my concerns, then she applied her expertise as it related specifically to my needs. I have a lot going on; however, Christi identified the issues in a very limited amount of time. I've visited numerous doctors for the same issues, only to be given p

Dan K.

I have a knee injury that my doctor told me would eventually result in a knee replacement. I was suffering considerable, chronic discomfort in that knee and had started that process with my doctor, beginning with regular steroid injections. When I visited Healing Solutions, Christi-Ann evaluated me and told me that I was under-pronating my foot, contributing to my pain. She worked on my knee that day and gave me advice on modifying my stance and my walk. It worked so quickly and so well that I did not pursue a knee replacement, and to this day nearly a year later I have almost no pain in that knee. I have not had a steroid injection since.

prescriptions. Christi understood my symptoms, and at the same time, treated the problems. Ready for my second visit. Definitely recommend.

Cynthia J.

I told ANOTHER friend this week and a total stranger I met last night about how effective and exceptional Ms. Holder's services have been toward providing restoration of post-surgical care of my frozen shoulder. Additional care has been applied to my chronic problems with carpel tunnel, neck and back pain. Truly, Ms. Holder has been a godsend. I will continue to recommend this professional healthcare provider.

Will J.

I would recommend Christi-Anne to anyone. She’s professional, skilled and will provide a wealth of knowledge.

Al E.

I have a problem and this professional has managed to identify and help me get a handle on very swollen left leg. She keeps me on my feet and active. I am 73 yr. old male

Nick H.

Christi was amazing. She constantly explained the science behind what she was doing and what she was finding. She was honest about what would hurt and explained how I would feel during and after the massage. I am excited to be on the road to a more healthy and limber body


Christi is SO talented. Wow. I didn't know my legs could move like this - they were stuck so stiff. Looking forward to my next massage!

Marty G

Christi-Anne Holder is an awesome medical massage therapist. While treating my adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), she was able to not give me relief, but also recommended Dr. Williams at Staker Chiropractic. The combined efforts of Christi-Ann and Dr. Williams have given me so much relief. I highly recommend both if you start to feel the onset of “frozen shoulder”. Regular dr sent me to PT and lots of meds, should have started with Christi-Ann from the get go!

Marley B.

Christi really knows what she is doing and offers great advice for those in pain.

Joel G.

Christi-Anne is fabulous. She listened to my concerns, conducted a thorough assessment and tailored a treatment plan to my needs. When I left I I felt energized and definitely believe I’m on a road to recovery

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